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})i({--shout outs--})i({

})i({--shout outs--})i({

--JENN.G-- Hey there ur the best, we always have a great time going 2 the movies and just chillin lots of funny insiders LOL thanks for all ur good times!
--TONI-- Hey gurl ur a funny hyper one there aren't ya.. lol good times chillin and tims lol "them dear on fallen road.." couldn't talk that night lol detours r fun! keep the fun times rollin;)
--SARAH--Hey hun me and u haven't spent alot of time really talking but u no as if we have been friends for years, thasnk for ur support;)
--ALISON.D-- Hey funny one u always got somethign funny to say i can depend on u to make my day brighter all those insiders"RUN...MINE..." p.a.l. wouldn't have been fun @ all if it wasn't for u & caitlin! thanks hope to see ya soon.
--DEANNE-- Hey gurl ur the best u accepted me into the group as if u knew me foreva thanks, ur the best haven't those 2 classes with ya mad grade 11 so much better ur the best .
--DALE--Hey there cuz LOL its true LOL "4" math was mint soo funny! u always make things interesting thast 4 sure like u in the box in math class! i almost died that time!keep it coming little one.
--LINDSEY.D-- Hey there skinny one ur soo funny @ lunch time i can't even eat after u do that hot little walk down the hallway lol i laugh everytime i think of it LOL, i never thoguth i would get to no u cuz u were the loude one in my oceans class in the corner i always used to mak fun of LOL*sorry bout htat by the way*keep it real lol
--RAYLENE-- Hey gurl u made childstudies a total blast but i mean it was anywasy no work baby! well me and u r pretty cool i would say ur a funny one and i hate the fact that u rn't coming to LHS next year u will see me round !!keep it really u and todd r ment 2 be together!
--LILY-- Hey gurl we used to BF!! and we were unseprable but things changed and i was stupid but we r cool now thank god dance class was a blast with u in it thanks for making jokes to keep us all going.LETS GET RETARTED!!
--JACKIE--Thank god we started chillin in GPV u cool shit always smilin and happy when ur sad every1 is 2 we all love ya hun keep ur head up and smiling!
--KELLY-- Hey not to much i can really say but that we used to be so close but things can change fast and i guess that we just didn't agree all the time and so things just changed but ur still nice to talk to call me we will have to chill soon!
--CAITLIN-- Hey we had some fun times sleepover sand bowlin lol .. um ur a cool friend and p.a.l was mint hot boys getting hotter yess!! to bad u have a bf that guy was soo lookin @ u! cuz he sure wasn't @ me lol to bad eh` thank alison for all the funny monets in that class to bad i sat in the middle lol
--CASSIE-- Hey gurl haven't talked to u in a while that doesn't mean we can't still be friends u were one of my friends from beaverbank there bud u scared me the day u called me a bitch sorry i was a little freak that week being the 1 week of high school. call me and we will get together soon
--CAREN&THE CREW-- Love ya guys thanks for being cool and letten me chill with ya those few times lolu guys r pretty cool to bad next year half u guys won't be there:( love u all.
--ANGELA-- Hey hun i'm soo happy to have met u, u r awsome and so much fun to be around ur soo nice to me and when ever anything happened u were there thanks!! call me and we will just chill! love u and thanks!
--TRISHA-- Hey gurl i miss ya liek crazy, u soo have to come back now i miss ya to much and i want to spend good old fashion time with ya lol liek we used too


--JUSTIN-- Hey hunny always there 4 me thax ,sofunny we can talk about anything. All those late night walks;) lol ur the man thanks for being there. Those crazy bus rides home were interesting also lol i hope we don't lose touch there buddy:D   U should get back on the feild there babe lol u make the team better not only with ur physical attribut but with ur sense of humour and ur a pretty easy going guy.And next year is going to be the best baby! noone holden us back party central!
P.S. i hope to see ya very soon `eh;) call me anytime i'm here 4 u anytime!
--DAN--Hey there buddy lol all those long msn convos late at night lol and the football practises i think coach Hall thought i liked him just cuz i was always there that or a groupy lol! U always have words of kindness thanks for always trying to make me feel better! u better make the last year @ LHS count buddy and work ur ass off the football team needs u!
--GREG-- Hey hun ur soo funny and nice always got something to say about everything, u made my year alot better helping out everyone and even haven` time to work and all. ur my sobeys boi i'll be watchin u;) lol love ya! u scared me that night @ sobeys bud it was kinda cold out therr eh`.
--JASON-- i'm secretly inlove with ya... lol  i'm soo glade we met ur amazing soo smart u help me thow that shitty class thanks if it wasn't for ya i would have failed!:( thanks! ur also another one of my sobeys boi's lol
--RICHARD-- Hey there newf haven't talked to u in a long time and miss ya humour u taught me alot and u gotta come down herr and hook up with me and some friends it would be mint! love ya hope to talk to ya soon!
--JEFF-- Hey cuz lol ur pretty cool don't really no what to say other then hope to talk to ya soon and have a good one! u also have gotta come to Fall River and party next year its going to be the best  holla @ ur cousin!;) lol!!!
--KYLE-- hey buddy ur crazy always got something to say sometimes good and sometimes bad.. lol u make things intersting tho lol keep it up u and kelly r ment for each other make it last peace up!
--JAMES-- Hey babe ur a great guy 2 bad ur takin lol jk! but ya r alittle messed up but i still love ya, ur like my bro thank god i grew up with u, u've always got my back and u usually have something positive to say about everything! I will be watching out for ya drunk ass @ 2 am there on the road i will always pick ur drunk ass up!
--JAMES 2-- Hey buddy ur a cool guy to bad ur 2 young 4 me LOL ur an awsome skater , show my bro a thing or 2 please show him hes not so hardcore! luv ya :)LOL that day @ west that was fun! lol
--MATT-- Hey buddy i haven't seen u sense last summer i miss u so much ur the best. I can now say that i've known u my whole life u no almost everything about me and i don't want that to change. Ur like my big bro but not lol ur sexy and u no it ;) lol U always make me laugh but u can be mean to people there buddy, but i still love ya, and don't forget me when ur ass gets married i wanna be therre front row  baby lol